Why Does This Site Exist

All through my 20+ years of teaching and leading in multiple education settings (some traditional, some not), I have always tried to keep up with “best practices.” Everyone who has been in the field more than 5 years knows that those practices are a moving target. A new study comes out and everything changes. Government institutes a new policy and everything changes. School administration feels pressure to “improve” their school and everything changes.

So as an educator, how do we navigate all the new info (which, honestly, we never have time to read thoroughly) and still hold on to the “best practices” we know work? The goal of this site is to provide honest evaluations of these new studies and public policy m the viewpoint of someone who has been in the field.

There will be a strong emphasis on children with special needs and different learning styles as this is p of children that are close to my heart. But I will also touch on all age groups.